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Engaging and inspiring 7-14 year





The next generation will make the decisions, create the opportunities and take care of our planet.


If they are able to understand and respect each other, and the planet, we will all face a happier future.

What is Our

Here at Our Kaleidoscope Planet, we have been lucky enough to experience many different cultures and the amazing things they have to offer, so when our little ones arrived, grew bigger and started questioning the world, our concept was born.

Our Kaleidoscope Planet is a for purpose organisation that offers a unique window into the lives of people around the world. Through our yearly initiatives and online magazine, we will meet the children who we share our planet with and learn about what makes them special and how they see the future, in their own words.


We are FUN

We are FACTS




We are YOU

We are ME

We are the WORLD



Our planet is made up of millions, upon millions of people, all of us different and all of us with something to offer. The younger generation are the future and for them to learn about the amazing cultures and customs, colours and chaos will help create respect and understanding.


Our world can be confusing but it is our job to hand it over to the future and hope that the next generation will continue to mend it, take care of it and respect it. 




A suggested contribution

We're fun, fascinating and free but to continue building our message of global inclusivity and understanding we welcome any contributions, no matter the size. Your money will help improve our website, reach out to communities and develop life enhancing initiatives.



Would your child's school love to get involved with Our Kaleidoscope Planet, either as an online resource or for the many exciting initiatives we offer? If so we're looking for parent ambassadors who can help spread the word.


Our schools packages offer an amazing selection of national and international activities for children to get involved with. All organisations that participate will also receive an inspiring yearly book bundle from The Tomorrow Library.

The Travelling Friendship Band

An educational social enterprise project, on a global scale, encouraging creativity and bringing children together.


The Travelling Friendship Band aims to link children, around the world, through the making and giving of friendship bands.

Online Magazine

Every couple of months we want to bring the world to you! 


We are lucky enough to live in a world full of amazing and fascinating people, cultures and customs and within each issue of Our Kaleidoscope Planet magazine, we will bring these to you.

Once upon a time when...

Stories written by children, for children.


Do you know someone with a crazy imagination?

Do they love telling stories?

Are they aged between 7 - 12?

Would they like to be a part of an amazing book, created by children, for children?

Our Fantastic Planet

If we want to keep our world fantastic, fascinating and fun then we mustn't forget to look after it. We will be asking children and organisations how our planet is important to them and what they are doing to help it.


Our online magazine is available every couple of months and is free to access for all.


Our school packages allow access to a selection of exciting and inspiring activities and initiatives.

Global Initiatives

We offer the opportunity for individuals, or schools, to take part in our global initiatives.

Press & Media

For any press or media enquiries, please contact the team as we are more than happy to help.


We were delighted to be asked to contribute to the launch edition of the new global online magazine, for children. We can't wait to start reading Our Kaleidoscope Planet and finding out about the wonder and diversity of the incredible world in which we live.


Hello children of the world, from the children of The Falkland Islands!

The Infant and Junior School and Camp Education, The Falkland Islands

Our students really treasured the opportunity to introduce themselves and their homes to Our Kaleidoscope Planet magazine. They love the idea of being able to explore the experiences of other kids around the world.


We love the sense of connectedness, joy and curiosity that this new platform provides.

Vasse Primary School, 

Western Australia

Hello. Greetings, courtesy, friendship a


General enquiries: clairejoy@ourkaleidoscopeplanet.com

Press & Media Enquiries: clairejoy@ourkaleidoscopeplanet.com

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