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Issue 1 : Jan - Feb 2021

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You're over there and I'm over here, some of us happy, inspired and loving life, some of us feeling a little bit lost but we're all here and we all make up this amazing place that we call planet earth.

From our homes we see very different things, from cars, people and noise to the peaceful mountains and open fields. Although our food, families and experiences are different, in our hearts we all hope and wish for the same. Happiness.

In this issue, Our Kaleidoscope Planet meets the children who live on two of Africa's most well known islands, Zanzibar to the east and Cape Verde to the west. From caring for our world to playing with brothers and sisters, one thing is for sure, we all share a lot in common!

Masai People in Zanzibar Tanzania
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Sitting 35km from mainland Africa, Zanzibar is a drop of magic in the Indian Ocean.

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Ten small islands sit off the coast of West Africa, in the Altantic Ocean, all with a story to tell.

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We've loved discovering what you're doing to help our planet.

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I AM...


Introducing the strong, creative, caring and confident children of the world.

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From traditions, festivals, reviews and getting involved, there's a lot going on out there!

Light Bulb
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Meet some of the many amazing children and adults out there who have created and inspired.

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Welcome to our 2nd issue and thank you for tuning in once more!

For January and February we will be celebrating You & Me and finding out how you feel at the moment and what our world means to you and where you live.


We're also launching our 'I am....' gallery. If you'd like to join in, please complete the sentence'I am..'. 

Write it down, take a photo, send it in and we'll add it to our gallery.

Claire x

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Backpack & Dreaming

Always dreaming, always imagining a happier world, always inspired to create. That's me in a nutshell and has been since I was little. Some people 'do', whilst others 'dream' and at the moment I'm trying to do both and do what I'm dreaming of and that's what has inspired Our Kaleidoscope Planet.

Don't stop dreaming, who knows where it might take you!



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A year the world won't forget

March/April 2021 : Issue 3