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Art Against Extinction

Through a patchwork of children's art, we aim to highlight the many beautiful species that will not be around for future generations to enjoy, unless we act now.


Young Girl Painting


Stay tuned for our launch date when we will be welcoming children from all over the world to take part.


Once signed up we will send you a creation pack, complete with instructions.


Once you have finished your artwork please return it back to our address using the label that we will provide.


A selection of artworks will be exhibited in various locations.

A creative collage of colour! 

Each piece of artwork will form just part of an animal and once pieced together, by us, the many endangered species of our world will come to life, for a very long time we hope!

Image by Sid Balachandran


With backgrounds in design, development, human resources and education we have invested our passion and made it our mission to create a truly unique initiative

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Image by Keyur Nandaniya
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Art for Schools

Through a comprehensive crowdfunding campaign, soon to be launched, and sponsorship pitches we are looking to fund the purchasing of eco-friendly sustainable art materials. These will be sent to charitable schools and organisations, all over the world, to ensure that they too can take part.

Image by Mark Koch
Image by Kartik Iyer
Image by Joshua J. Cotten
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Art for Life

Our travelling educational art exhibition will celebrate the life of an amazing variety of species who are fighting for theirs. We are asking children to show the world, through their words and creations, just how much these animals mean to them.

Image by Gary Rockett
Image by Kris Mikael Krister
Image by Sergey Pesterev

"As a baby my parents showed me picture books of animals.

Now I'm at school I'm learning about them and where they live.

When I grow up I want to see them for myself.

Dear World, don't take this away from me."