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Art Against Extinction

Through a patchwork of children's art, we aim to highlight the many at-risk animals of our world and how caring for the environment can ensure their survival.


Bangladesh, Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, Namibia, Zanzibar, Cape Town, Cape Verde, Cuba, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, England, Australia and Mauritius. 


Young Girl Painting


Schools and organisations from Bangladesh to Ghana and beyond have joined our amazing initiative.


We are suppling all organisations with eco-friendly art materials to create paintings with.


In 2022, a selection of artworks will be exhibited in various locations around the world.


A percentage of all profits made will be donated to various conservation groups and charitable organisations.

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With backgrounds in design, development, fine art and PR we have invested our passion and made it our mission to create a truly unique initiative

Image by Abhishek Singh
Image by Keyur Nandaniya
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Collage of COLOUR

Each piece of artwork will form just part of an animal and once pieced together the many endangered species of our world will come to life, for a very long time, we hope!

Image by Mark Koch
Image by Kartik Iyer
Image by kate

Art for Life

Our travelling art exhibition will visit festivals, events and schools during 2022. It will celebrate the animals of our amazing world and offer advise on how we can all make a difference to their survival.

Image by Gary Rockett
Image by Kris Mikael Krister
Image by Sergey Pesterev

"As a baby my parents showed me picture books of animals.

Now I'm at school I'm learning about them and where they live.

When I grow up I want to see them for myself.

Dear World, don't take this away from me."

Thank YOU!

We are a small social enterprise with a big heart. Continuing to grow and making our initiatives happen relies on the genorosity of various organisations and individuals. Without them, it just wouldn't be possible.

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