Image by Sharon McCutcheon


What will you receive?

For every purchase an email will be sent containing a colour PDF of the original image, a black and white hand drawn simple silhouette of your section of the image, for completion, and an information sheet on OK Planet.

How should the artwork be completed?

The hand drawn silhouette PDF will need to be printed out on A4 paper, or card. Depending on your child's ability they can either fill in the line drawing with paints, pens or coloured pencils, or they can choose to have more freedom and use our basic guidelines to create their own image. Dimensions and positioning would need to remain the same though to allow the sections to be successfully pieced back together.

Can additional artwork be created?

If your child would like to create their own artworks featuring other examples of British wildlife please also encourage this as we would love to receive their submissions. Our exhibition is based around the images submitted though therefore it would be great if they could complete these first.

Where will the exhibitions be held?

We are working with a number of parish councils around the UK and hope to bring our interactive exhibition to a range of locations. Along with the artworks there will also be opportunites for children to take part in their own giant painting, along with their local community.

Will all artwork be included in the exhibition?

Due to the volume of artwork submitted it may not be possible to include every submission in our exhibition however every child will be acknowledged for their contribution.

How will the money raised help OK Planet?

Our UK initiative is part of a much larger OK Planet concept involving charitiable schools in over 15 countries. For every purchase made, 50% will be used to fund our overseas initiative and the purchasing of art materials, and 50% will be used for the continued development of OK Planet.

When should the artwork be completed by?

Please can all artwork be sent back by 1st November 2021.

How do I send the artwork back?

Please ensure that all artwork is sent back flat and unfolded to the following address:

OK Planet

Kate's Cottage

South Stoke Road