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Starting in the UK, the gift of friendship will be passed from school to school, all over the world, as The Travelling Friendship Band unites children, creating smiles and happiness.




Create beautiful friendship bands and gift them to others.


Connect with children all over the world as you join together in friendship.


A gift always creates happiness, so lets all come together and make the world smile.

How will it work?


All of the participating schools will be sent an information pack.

Schools selecting the 'Gift' and 'VIP' package will also receive a craft box containing colourful threads, wooden beads and card gift tags for special messages. Each school can decide how they would like to use the crafts supplied and we look forward to seeing your creations. For schools who have selected the 'Basic' package, we will endeavour to source craft materials in your home country for local delivery, where possible.


The activity will start in the UK and then travel the world, spreading friendship.

Children at the first school, in the UK, will create friendship bands which will then be sent on to the next school, in another country. They will then make friendship bands to be sent to a school in yet another country. This continues and creates a circle of friendship all around the world.


Once the final school has completed their friendship bands they will return to the UK.

It is the job of the final school, in the final country, to send their friendship bands on to the school in the UK, where the activity started. 

Any questions?

How many schools will be participating?

There is no limit to the amount of schools taking part but our minimum number is 10.

When is the start and finish date?

The activity will start in January 2022 and we would like to have it completed, with the final set of bands sent back to the UK, by July 2022.

What if we don't know how to make friendship bands?

All schools will receive easy to follow instructions for a variety of different friendship band designs and you can then decide which would be the most suitable.

How will we be supported?

Each school will receive a Travelling Friendship Band information pack that contains instructions on how to make a friendship band, a list of all countries participating and general information on the logistics of the activity. 

How do the friendship bands travel around the world?

Each school will be provided with packaging for the completed friendship bands, along with the address of the school that it is going to. We will then arrange for it to be collected and sent on.

What will teachers need to do?

To make this activity a success we ask that teachers and schools help with the following:

1 - Please can you let the team at Our Kaleidoscope School know how many children at your school are taking part.

2 - Please can you let the team at Our Kaleidoscope School know when your craft box has arrived (with ref to Gift & VIP option)

3 - Please ensure that your children complete the friendship bands within the stated time. We will allow 2 weeks for each school.

4 - Please ensure that all friendship bands are packaged together and ready on the designated collection day.

5 - It would be great if you could supply the team at Our Kaleidoscope School with photos of the friendship bands being made via our OK Planet page, along with a few quotes from the children about how it made them feel. These pictures and quotes will then be uploaded onto our OK Planet page.

It is the individual schools responsibility to ensure that all parents have given consent for photographs and information to appear on our website.

How much will this cost?

We would like to make this affordable for everyone and we ask each school, if they can, to pay a nominal fee that will enable us to run the activity. The fees stated are based one one class participating. If more classes would like to join then please repeat the payment process. There is also the option to gift a less fortunate school with the activity.


For further details, please visit our payments page.

What happens if our country has COVID-19 restrictions?

We understand that currently any country could be subject to COVID-19 restrictions and possible lockdown situations. As The Travelling Friendship Band is school based, if any closures are enforced we will temporarilly pause this activity until we are able to continue it safely. At this point, all schools who have signed up will have the option of continuing, once schools reopen, or being offered a full refund.

How do we join and is there a deadline?

Follow the link below to sign up. If you would just like to ask a question then our details can be found at the bottom of the page.