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We lie 35km off the coast of East Africa.

Although we are partly self-governing, our island is actually a state of Tanzania and not an independent country.

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Arabic, Persian, Indian and European influences can be found on our island.

The capital of our island is  Zanzibar City and it's historic centre, Stone Town, is a World Heritage Site

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We depend on tourism and the spice trade.

Our 3 official languages are  Swahili, Arabic and English and the main religion of our island is Islam.

Known as The Spice Islands, the name Zanzibar conjures up images of exotic beaches, magical colours and mystery and these islands don't disappoint. Sitting off the coast of Tanzania, in east Africa, Zanzibar is actually the name of the archipelago, or group, of islands. The main and largest island is Unguja, then Pemba in the north and Mafia island, followed by the tiny and uninhabited Latham Island. The islanders have seen people from many countries pass through their land and leave their influences behind and the beautiful crumbling architecture and narrow winding alleyways of Stone Town, a World Heritage Site, is a perfect example. Its faded paintwork and worn stone greets everyone that visits, and gives a sense of being transported back in time as Africa meets the Arab world. Swirling colours, the scent of exotic spices and an array of people and cultures mix in the local markets as worlds collide and lives are lived. The island is also home to some jaw dropping coastline with mile after mile of stunning beaches, lush green forests and everything from monkeys, to barracudas, octopus and dolphins. 

Thank you to Simone Gillespie and the children of KINS Independent School, Zanzibar, for all of the hard work they have done and making this issue possible!

Capital: Zanzibar City

Population: 1.304 million 

Currency: Tanzanian Shilling

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I am French and live in Zanzibar. I love playing games and I think the world is a beautiful place and I want to help it as I would like no plastic and no pollution.


I went to Paris when I was 9 and had the best time, I would like to learn more about Japan as it looks very nice.




I've got blond hair and was born in Wales but live in Zanzibar. I love football and playing it with my friends. I'd like to learn about Egypt as there's lots of treasure there.

The world is great, except for coronavirus, I wish we could kill the coronavirus.




I am from Tunisia and speak English, French, Tunisian and Swahili. I'm special because I travel around the world with my parents. I'm the only Tunisian at school and I'm the bendiest in my class!

I think the world is beautiful and I would like to clean it but. Coronavirus worries me though.




I am different because nobody else is called Biko and I can put my leg over my head! I'm very excited because I'm going to get some football shoes and laughing and being tickled also makes me happy.

I would like to learn more about China and help clean our planet.




It has been great to meet the children of KINS Independent School in Zanzibar and learn all about them. Our Kaleidoscope Planet would like to say a big thank you to Simone Gillespie for making this possible!




As Zanzibar sits in the Indian Ocean, with Africa to the west and India to the east there are many different influences when it comes to food. We've chosen to test out Mishkaki, which is usually made with beef but we've used chicken instead.

We must say a big thank you to Meggie Joy, our ever willing taste tester, who, at 8 years old, will eat just about anything!




by Meggie Joy, aged 8.

'They were very good but a little bit spicy for smaller children.' 



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