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From a passion to a vision, the story of OK Planet takes you from a kitchen table in rural England to the communities and schools of our amazing world.

Image by Brandi Ibrao

In January 2020, whilst sat at a kitchen table in a small village in Oxfordshire, England, an idea was born. It would work, it would inspire and it would happen. In March 2020 the world went into lockdown. The need to unite and care became even more apparent. 


If our future generation, the decision makers of tomorrow, come together, break down barriers and work towards the same objectives they will make discoveries that are both fascinating and inspiring which will ultimately result in a more compassionate world. OK Planet starts at the very beginning, in the communities and schools of our world.

Back in 2009 Claire Joy, the founder of OK Planet, visited the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of East Africa. During her stay she volunteered for a small grassroots charity and painted colourful murals on the walls of a dark, sun-deprived bedroom in the middle of Stonetown. The room belonged to Abdul, a 16 yr old quadriplegic boy who, following a swimming accident, was housebound. With phenomenal English they sat down and chatted about the world and his passions, one of which was football. Opening up a map of the world, he asked where Brazil was, followed by England. 'But they play against each other, how can they be so far away?!' His genuine shock at the vastness of our world and the concept of where we all fitted into it ignited something inside Claire, as did the smile on his face once his room came to life with colour.


With a background in art, design and product development, Claire has led teams, developed concepts and worked with many different countries and cultures. Since the arrival of her own children, she has reflected on our world today and the one that we are all facing tomorrow. Using her creative eye and skills within the fields of communication and organisation, Claire has created OK Planet to celebrate creativity, bring children together and make a difference.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters