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Starting in Nuremberg, Germany and finishing in Cape Town, South Africa, how would your school like to RACE the WORLD, all from the familiar surroundings of home?





Join schools from all over the world, and run the combined 5,812 miles from Nuremberg to Cape Town.


From school playgrounds, fields, dust tracks and gardens you can run anywhere and everywhere.


Support each other and all of the schools involved, offering words of encouragement and praise.

How will it work?


All of the participating schools will be split into teams.

We will divide all schools into teams and try to ensure that each one is comprised of a diverse selection of countries.


The 5,812 miles, between Nuremberg and Cape Town, will be divided between each team.

The total amount of miles for each team will then be split between each school giving them a set distance to cover. All children and teachers at participating schools are welcome to join in and can run, or walk, any distance they are able to, either at school or at home.


Each school needs to record their time.

Every run or walk needs to be timed and submitted to the schools activity leader. Once the required distance for your school has been reached, all times should be added together and then submitted to Our Kaleidoscope School Race HQ. We will then add it to our race log.


And the winner is........

The winning team will be the one with the fastest overall time, once the individual school times are added together.

Any questions?

How many schools will be participating?

There is no limit to the amount of schools taking part however our minimum number is 20, for each event. If we have a very large number we may add further dates.

When is the start and finish date?

We will be running this event twice during 2022. Depending on which race your school joins, the specified distance would need to be covered between the following dates. Please note that times can still be submitted during school holidays as children can run at home.

Race One - 7th February 2022 - 7th April 2022

Race Two - 6th May 2022 - 6th  July 2022

How can we track our team's progress?

We encourage all schools to send in weekly updates and photos via our OK Planet page where we will update details on a regular basis. Please ensure that where photos of children are submitted you have permission from parents/guardians.

How will we be supported?

Each school will receive a RACE the WORLD information pack that contains race details and a list of all countries participating. How and where you hold the runs is up to you but we will be in contact on a weekly basis to offer words of encouragement and see how you're all getting on.

What will teachers need to do?

To make this activity a success we ask that teachers and schools help with the following:

1 - Please can you confirm receipt of your RACE the WORLD information pack.

2 - Please advise which race you would like to join and how many children at your school are taking part.

2 - Please ensure that the distance covered is completed within the Race 1 and Race 2 timelines. 

3 - Please ensure that the time, for your school, is submitted to the team at Our Kaleidoscope School.

4 - It would be great if you could supply the team at Our Kaleidoscope School with photos of the race and a few quotes from the children and how it made them feel. These pictures and quotes will then be uploaded onto our OK Planet page.

It is the individual schools responsibility to ensure that all parents have given consent for photographs and information to appear on our website.

How much will this cost?

We would like to make this affordable for everyone and we ask each school, if they can, to pay a nominal fee that will enable us to run the event. The fees stated are based on one school participating in the event. There is also the option to gift a less fortunate school with the activity.


For further information, please visit our payments page.

What happens if our country has COVID-19 restrictions?

We understand that currently any country could be subject to COVID-19 restrictions and possible lockdown situations. As RACE the WORLD can be completed anywhere we would encourage all children and teachers to take part at home, if possible. Having experienced lockdown and homeschooling with children ourselves, the team at Our Kaleidoscope School agree that continuing with engaging activities, whilst at home, is extremely beneficial.

How do we join and is there a deadline?

Follow the link below to sign up. If you would just like to ask a question then our details can be found at the bottom of the page.


Which team will reach Cape Town first? On your marks, get set, GO!