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In an increasingly divided world, the importance of inclusion, compassion and respect is paramount. To encourage our future generation to embrace this will create a happier planet.

All of our projects cross countries, cultures, race and gender, ensuring children have an insight into the world of others.


Expressing thoughts, opinions and love through creative thinking has amazing benefits to mental health and wellbeing. Regardless of where our children live and what backgrounds they come from, creativity will always unite and inspire.

From art and crafts, to writing and food, our children will be able to participate in a variety of projects that celebrate creative expression.


From environmental issues to gender inequality and bullying, our world has many areas to focus on. These causes need to be addressed and our future generation can help shine the spotlight.

Each of our projects has a cause at it's heart which our children will learn about and help spread awareness.


We live in a world where there are some amazing big ones teaching our little ones about the planet, it's people and how to make our future happier. At OK Planet we're turning the tables and asking the little ones to do the teaching.


From exhibitions to books and beyond our projects will culminate in a very special message from our future generations to all of the big ones out there. How do they see their world? 


We want you to feel proud to be associated with OK Planet. Our unique, positive and inspiring approach to the children of our world will not only ensure this but celebrate it too.


From art materials, transport and logistics to exhibitions, film installations and books, our initiatives will turn heads and get the world talking. Would you like to join us and be a part of something special?


At OK Planet we would like to work with companies that share our passion and compassion for the world. Let's work together and inspire the future.

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We can't wait to start reading OK Planet and finding out about the wonder and diversity of the incredible world in which we live.


Hello children of the world, from the children of The Falkland Islands!

The Infant and Junior School and Camp Education, The Falkland Islands

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Our students love the idea of being able to explore the experiences of other kids around the world.


We love the sense of connectedness, joy and curiosity that this new platform provides.

Vasse Primary School, 

Western Australia